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York Top 100 Businesses

AITalent ranked 86 on the York Top 100 businesses

Sean Bullick, Managing Director of Make It York, says :

"York Top 100 is a celebration of continued ingenuity and success of our city's thriving business sector[...] York has built a diverse business landscape, from flourishing food and beverage manufactures and a transformative biotech sector to an immersive cultural and creative sector as well as a state-of-the-art rail-tech sector. York has so many reasons to be proud.
All of this is what makes the York Top 100 such an important publication. It allows us to see the ongoing sucess stories in teh city and showcase them to the world. This is why teh publication is released during York Business Week, organised and led by Make It York, with its three key themes of "grow, celebrate and inspire" we can promote all the successes for the benefit of the city.”

AITalent is very proud to have been selected, this cements all the hard work that is put in by everyone on a daily basis.

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